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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bird Groomers

When compared to cats and dogs, birds are not really in the majority when it comes to primary pet choices, but this does not in any way mean that they are not as dear and beloved. Birds can actually make for incredibly unique and sweet companions, and naturally if it is going to live as a pet with you instead of in the wild, you need to cater to its grooming needs. Birds are also comparatively less complicated as well, with quite straightforward needs.

One of the services we offer as part of our bird grooming, is beak trimming. This is a vital part of their grooming, as it can affect their eating patterns if neglected. Typically, if excess keratin is produced and accumulates on the beak, it needs to be removed. We also handle nail trimming, which is more to do with avoiding the bird from scratching you, although it is important to note that nails should not be cut too short, otherwise they will lose their sturdy grip. They are also necessary for being able to hold onto food.

Washing your bird is a critical part of their grooming, as birds too have a special type of self-grooming that is known as ‘preening’ in the world of ornithology. They secrete a certain substances that is activated with water, allowing them to then spread it efficiently through all their feathers. This is what a bird does when you see it running its beak repeatedly over its wings and body. Since it does not readily have access to water for this as a pet, washing is essential.

We have vast expertise in handling birds of all shapes, sizes and breeds, and can therefore guarantee the safety and comfort of your pet. If your bird has any special handling requirements, do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Bird grooming is a passion for us and we promise to
treat your birds with love and respect at all times.


Bird Grooming
Price: AED 190
  • Wash and Dry
  • Trim Feathers
  • Nail
  • Beak Trim

*All prices are including VAT

“We do small things with great love… It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into  the doing. And it is not how much we give, but how much love we put into the giving.  To God there is nothing small.”

– Mother Teresa


Celine R. I absolutely love what Miss Meow did with my pup. Ted had the most amazing time. I could tell that he loved the whole spa treatment.The guys did a great job with his fur. Love it!

Gerard L. A friend recommended Miss Meow to my wife and I. We thought we’ll treat our dog and 2 cats to a good haircut and bath. They did a brilliant job. Definitely calling them again.

Sammy M. My little fluff ball bubbles generally doesn’t go to strangers. But for some reason she loved the whole team at Miss Meow. She loves it.She looks gorgeous now!

Anna B. Pete was so scruffy with his hair all over the place. We called Miss Meow and they came home to give him a haircut and full grooming. I’ve never seen him happier before! x