Rabbit Grooming - The Right Way to Care For Your Furry Friend

Rabbit Grooming - The Right Way to Care For Your Furry Friend

Quite often, people are in doubt whether pet rabbits need grooming. Just like cats, rabbits are also good at keeping themselves clean. They spend the better part of their day grooming themselves. Rabbits are very delicate creatures and undue stress while putting them in a bath can shock them and even cause a heart attack. Even so, it is necessary to groom them and keep their pens clean when they live as household pets.

Brushing your bunny
Regularly brushing your bunny can take help them shed their fur easier. It is surprising to see how much fur comes off such a small body! As we mentioned earlier, rabbits lick and clean themselves, adjusting their own fur in the process. This could develop into serious digestive issues like GI Stasis. Regular brushing of your rabbit can help avoid such complicated situations and keep them healthy in the long run. Remember that their skin is really fragile and it is important not hurt them with brushing. Wear hand gloves and gently coax them while picking away the loose fur. You can also use a fine-toothed comb and damp cloth to take away fine pieces of fur.

If you have an angora rabbit or any other breed with long hair, grooming must be a daily routine. In such cases, you can also trim their fur so that it doesn’t grow too long. Long haired rabbits also tend to have matted hair or knots in their coat. Gently trim and pat away the fur without injuring the rabbit’s skin.

Say No to Bathing
Rabbits do not generally need a bath. They find bathing really stressful and exposing them to water can even kill them due to shock. In rare cases where they do need cleaning, it is better to opt for spot cleaning, where they are cleaned with a damp cloth and dried with a hairdryer. While using a hair dryer, operate it in a cool or warm mode so as to not overheat your pet.

Nail Trimming
Trimming a rabbit’s nail is necessary to keep them short and healthy. Rabbits in the wild dig deep into the earth while searching for food and genetically, their nails tend to grow fast to accommodate all the dirt digging. But as house pets, it’s necessary to keep them trimmed as part of their grooming. It is recommended that you must trim the nails once a week. While cutting the nail, you must make sure not to cut the vein inside the nail called “quick”. On cutting the vein while clipping the nail, your rabbit will experience some pain and will bleed a little. In that case, use styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

Prevent Sore Hocks
Rabbits don’t have pads like the paws of cats and dogs and are instead covered in fur. To protect the skin under their paws from getting hurt and develop sore hocks (irritated and sore skin), it is suggested to use soft, flat and unwired surface for them to use and res. Use fleece blankets or faux fur for them to rest on.

The Litterbox
Keep your rabbit’s litter box filled with hay to provide a soft surface and also for them to graze on. Grazing on hay will help them keep their teeth evenly worn and in good health. Always keep the litter box clean, dry and well ventilated.

We know that keeping and maintaining a rabbit as your pet can be tiring at times, especially when it comes to the grooming. Contact our mobile pet grooming service in Dubai for helping you with your pet’s grooming. We would love to care and groom your furry friend just the right way.

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