Bunny Love - The Complete Rabbit Grooming Checklist

Bunny Love - The Complete Rabbit Grooming Checklist

Bunnies are very delicate and loving creatures that everyone wishes to cuddle. However, being pet parents to them can be a bit tough as they require a lot of care and kindness, much more than cats and dogs. You have to be quite gentle with them in everything from feeding, playing and grooming.

Rabbit Grooming is an important routine that you mustn’t miss out to keep your pet healthy and comfortable. The grooming routine mostly involves fur brushing, trimming and de-matting. You also have to clean your rabbit’s eyes, ears, nails and bottom. A well-groomed rabbit is healthier and happier.

So, here is a basic checklist for all you pet parents out there for grooming your pet bunny-


Brushing your bunny’s fur is an important part of his grooming regime. By removing excess fur, you prevent them from ingesting them. Rabbits usually lick themselves clean, and if loose fur is present, it will ingest it. This can lead to digestive issues in rabbits, which will need medical attention


In the case of long-haired rabbits, it is necessary to include fur trimming in their grooming. This will reduce shedding as well as chances of ingestion. Trimming also reduces chances of fur matting and clumping.


When mats become too difficult to remove, you will have to shave off part of the fur using a trimmer like Mini Arco. As this needs to be done delicately, it is recommended that you get the help of professional rabbit groomers.


Rabbits have an innate fear of water. So you must never bathe your rabbit as this can cause serious stress to the animal and even lead to death. However, it is necessary to clean the rear end of your furball to keep him clean. Check the bottom side for excess urine or droppings. Using a soft and wet wiping tissue, clean the area completely.

Rabbits also have scent glands, both under their chin and near their genitals. When these scent glands build up, they give out an unpleasant smell. Using a Q-tip or a cotton ball, you have to gently clean around these glands. In case you are doubtful of this process, you can always approach professionals for grooming your rabbit.

Eye care

For keeping rabbit eyes clear of infections, brush the fur around the area using a small flea comb. Using a moistened cotton ball, gently clean the area around the eye for better care and protection.


Groom and trim your bunny’s nails whenever they get a bit too long. When trimming it make sure not to injure the pet. Rabbit nails can grow long enough to cause it discomfort, which is why it is very necessary to trim off a silver once in a week.


You can use a cotton swab to clean the earwax from the outer ear. Make sure not to push it into the ear canal. When cleaning your rabbit’s ears, always use products recommended by your vet or the professional groomers.

Grooming your pet is a good time to bond with him. However, if you need help with your grooming routines, contact your favourite mobile rabbit grooming specialists in Dubai to help you take care of your fluffball.

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