Pet Grooming On The Move: Mobile Pet Grooming In Dubai

Pet Grooming On The Move: Mobile Pet Grooming In Dubai

Dubai is the city that knows how to take best care of its people— from the thousand job opportunities it provides to the restaurants, hotels, water parks, and beaches that are perfect for the weekend getaway. However, humans are not only the ones who make up the city’s population let’s not forget the pets we own. Pet grooming in Dubai aims that the city’s pets are cared for as their owners.

If you’re a pet owner who had ugly experiences with pet grooming from the past, let us tell you that it’s not impossible to find the perfect pet grooming in the city. Of course, you’ll have to decide carefully on picking the best one that really provides professional care and at the same time provides you the convenience.

Miss Meow Pet Grooming is a one of kind pet grooming service in Dubai. Our professional team will take care of your pets as if it were their own. Our team are comprised of the most dependable and reliable people with immense knowledge on pet grooming that also provide comfort for your pets.

As we provide mobile pet grooming services, we cater to many of your pet’s needs at your own schedule and convenience. Our pet grooming services also do not merely focus on providing comfort, but also aims to offer more important benefits of pet grooming such as promoting good health. Pet grooming, much like how we take care of our hygiene, ensures the prevention of illnesses and skin conditions that are often triggered by a lack of hygiene.

We are proud to be Dubai’s leading mobile pet grooming company.

If you’re having doubts on pet grooming, it’s best to observe the pet grooming service first to check if it works in accordance to your preferences and standards. No need to travel far as we’ll be the ones to come to your doorstep and take your pet on a magical journey. We’ll create a stress-free environment in for your pet’s needs.

We offer the best pet grooming in Dubai.


We are built for speed. Wherever you are in Dubai, we’re just one call away and we’ll come knocking on your door. Our mobile pet grooming in Dubai is ideally useful for those who find hassle in bringing their pets to the salon. If you’re that person who lives the busy life on weekdays and wants to just rest on weekends, then it’s best for you to contact us. If there’s a sudden shift to your weekend schedule and you can no longer take your pet to the salon, just a call away and we’ll be glad to relieve you of this stress.


Our team of professionals are not only equipped with the right experience, dedication and passion, but they also possess the right attitude. One of the common concerns tackled in pet grooming is whether the groomers will treat your pet with love, but here in Miss Meow Grooming, that is never the issue. Our professional groomers are genuinely invested in the health and well-being of every pet that walks in through our doors. We do not treat them as animals, but for us they are family.  


Miss Meow Grooming’s pet grooming services in Dubai offer a wide selection. We do not only provide grooming for dogs, but we also take care of cats, rabbits, and birds as these four are the most common types of pets. With different packages and different services in each pet, you have the freedom picking the best one that suits both of your wants and your pet’s needs. We also ensure the use of the highest quality products in our services that are 100% safe and cruelty-free.

If think we are the best match for your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure it’s a perfect match!


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