Groom Your Pets Well For A Cleaner Home

Groom Your Pets Well For A Cleaner Home

Pet parents just love their fur babies. They cuddle and play with them, and let them roll all over their house. Much like your kids, chances are that your pooch or kitty has also lead to messy accidents inside your home making you go cleaning after them.


Even if you make your home pet proof and regularly clean your home including your pet’s accessories, your home might still stink when your furball decides that he or she dislikes a bath!


Pet grooming is a routine that shouldn’t be skipped if you want to keep your home squeaky clean. If your pet stinks, the whole house does too! So here are a few grooming tips to help you keep your pooch, kitty, bunny and birdie clean and fresh.


Wash that dirty pooch


Dogs get dirty very easily, they tend to roll around all in dirt and dust when you take them out and come home looking like he fought through a dust storm or took a dip in a mud pool.


Cleaning your dog can be a daunting task both for you and your pet. However, of all the indoor pets, dogs cannot go by without a bath. Your dog must be regularly bathed, dried and brushed to dislodge all the loose fur as well as the keep of the dirt and stink.


Their nails and paws must also be trimmed from time to time so that they don’t tear up your favorite tablecloth or that comfy sofa quilt. Although regular use of dog shampoo can cause flaking of his skin, housing him down with plain water is more than enough after a trip to the park.


But for better and cleaner results, call professional pet groomers in Dubai to help you.


Groom your kitty cat


Cats are normally clean creatures. They constantly lick themselves clean and require very less bath. However, your pet requires professional grooming once in a while to stay clean and healthy.


When cats lick themselves clean, they tend to ingest their own fur leading to stomach issues. So pet parents are always advised to help keep your cats clean, as helping trip their fur will lessen their dislodging and shedding.


And properly grooming your pet kitty can also help keep your home a cleaner place to be.


Brush your bunny


If you have pet rabbits at home, they also require regular grooming. Although rabbits don’t need a bath as such, as they are very averse to water, their fur must be regularly brushed to avoid shedding all over your home.


Rabbits are also very delicate creatures who can get easily stressed with the grooming procedures. So they will be best handled by pet groomers for effective cleaning.


Squeaky clean birdie


Birds are also relatively clean pets. They do their self-grooming called preening, which requires water. So bathing your bird can help them do their grooming better.


Birds also should have their beaks and claws trimmed regularly to make sure that they don’t scratch and tear your home fabrics. Professional pet groomers can help make sure that your pet bird is clean and ready for staying indoors.


So, keep your pets scrubbed and trimmed for a spotless pet-friendly home. For all your pet grooming needs, contact Dubai’s favorite mobile pet groomers today!


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