Feed And Groom Your Dog Well For A Shiny Coat

Feed And Groom Your Dog Well For A Shiny Coat

Healthy coat on your pet dog is a visible sign of his health. Soft and shiny fur and healthy skin indicate that your dog is well fed and groomed, which is a very good complement for yourself. Who doesn’t want to pet a healthy, happy and well-scrubbed pooch!


Dogs are spirited creatures and they love to rush about, picking at things or chasing their tails. They need to be fed right and taken care of for staying healthy and in full glory. So here are a few feeding and dog grooming tips for you to make your pooch stay lively.


The right food


Essential Fatty Acids


Dull and dry dog coats are probably due to nutritional deficiencies. Essential fatty acids are known to keep dog coats healthy and shiny. While some dogs have high omega -6 in them, which help replace their skin oils, giving them naturally shiny coats.


For pets who don’t have enough omega- 6 in them, supplements containing sunflower oil and vegetable oils must be included in their diet. Fresh oils must be mixed with their daily food to help make up for the deficiency.


Omega-3 is beneficial for your pet’s skin problems. For itchy and inflamed skin, pet parents can opt to feed your pups supplements containing EPA and DHA.




Zinc is an essential mineral that improves the overall quality of your dog’s skin and fur. It is known to regulate hair growth and collagen synthesis, which are powerful antioxidants in their body.


Zinc can be included in your pooch’s diet by feeding him meats rich in the minerals, like beef, salmon, and turkey. You can also add up to 120 ppm of edible zinc sulfate and zinc oxide to the home prepared meals for your dogs.

Vitamin A


Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that must be part of your dog’s diet. Balding spots on your pet dog might be due to vitamin A deficiency. Feed your pooch vitamin A supplements in their daily diet. Carrots, egg yolks, and fish liver are known sources of vitamin A that can be included in your dog’s diet.




Protein is an important aspect of your pet dog’s diet contributing to his overall health. Itchy flaky skin and coarse brittle coats are symptoms which shout out that your pet is running low in protein or consuming low-quality protein.


Protein also helps in your dog’s muscle building and overall energy levels. So feed your pooch protein-rich food like beef, chicken, lamb, and fish. Make your furbaby shine and stay healthy.


Dog Grooming


Dogs are highly energetic beings who like to get dirty. So, for keeping their coat and skin clean, bathing them is crucial. Regular and thorough baths are necessary to help your pooch to dislodge loose fur and derbies.


If your dog is not bathed regularly, chances for matted fur, skin rashes, and even pesky pests will keep your dog itchy, irritated and unhappy.


Professional dog groomers in Dubai can help you with your pooch grooming. They handle your pets with great care and will bathe them and trim their long fur and nails. They also check for pests and skin problems and give proper grooming to alleviate the issue.


To keep your pet pooch healthy and shining, feed him the right food and hire Dubai’s favorite mobile dog groomers to help him get squeaky clean.


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