Bringing Your Pooch Home - Things to Know

Bringing Your Pooch Home - Things to Know

Dogs are one of the most lovable and loyal creatures on this planet – and we love them for it! If you own a dog, you’d know what we are talking. They are such spirited animals, full of love and energy that you often wonder where they keep it all bottled up. If you are a dog lover, finally looking to adopt a new pooch, here are a few things you must know before you bring him home-

Dog-proof your home
Whether you live in an apartment or a house with a huge yard, it is important to prepare the space before bringing your pet home. For instance, there are indoor plants that could harm your little companion. Avoid keeping small toys around, which could choke them if swallowed. They are very much like toddlers and need enough attention so that they don’t put themselves in sticky situations. If you have small kids at home, introduce your pup to them so that both parties are comfortable with each other.

If you have a large yard, you will have to dog-proof that too. Consider putting a fence around your yard, so that your dog knows the boundaries of its territory. Try putting up a kennel so that there is a space for him to rest and call home when he in the open.

Keep him well-fed and hydrated
Always keep water at a place accessible for your pooch so that he stays hydrated all day. They are also eager eaters and must be well fed always. Find the best dietary options for your pet, including homemade snacks. Nutrition is very important for dogs just like it is for us. So dig a little bit deep into the matter to find what type of goodies suit your dog the most.

Train your pup to do things right
So once your pet baby is well fed, you will have to train him where to do his business. Take him out to the open and find him a spot to wait it out. After a few days, he will get the idea and get used to the schedule. Carry a cleaning kit with you to clean after him, if you live in an apartment and take him out for this. Treat him if he catches on to his training very fast and reprimand him humanely for any misbehaviors.

You can also teach him to follow basic and necessary commands. The faster he learns to follow them, the longer and better he can survive with humans. For the stubborn pup or cranky dog, you can always get the help of a professional dog trainer.

Walk him to burn that puppy fat
Dogs, like humans, can easily gain weight and become obese. So it is important to walk your dog and encourage him to get physically active. Play catch, or walk him in the park to shed that extra pounds.

Communicate to build trust
Talk kindly and with love towards your dog for him to start trusting you back. For your pooch to grow up with good social skills, introduce him to your friends and other dogs with whom he can interact. Always put him on a lease when talking him out, but allow him to interact with others without holding back too much. Ask your companions to be gentle and kind towards your pooch so that he can get comfortable with them.

Visit a Vet
Take your pooch to a vet as required. Make it part of your dog care routine so that your pet is also used to the visits. Get him vaccinated and neutered (if you do not want little pups all over your yard) and make sure he stays healthy.

Keep him clean
Grooming is another important routine that you shouldn’t miss out. Keeping your dog washed and his coat brushed will keep away ticks and other parasites as well as make him look good. Keep the nails trimmed so that he has no difficulty in walking. Grooming him properly will also reduce his shedding and keep your house clean. If you think your dog needs some professional care, contact our pet grooming experts in Dubai to help you with the process.

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