Winter Pet Tips - How to Help Your Dog Avoid Dry, Itchy Skin

Winter Pet Tips - How to Help Your Dog Avoid Dry, Itchy Skin

Winter is a tough time for everyone. The low humidity, chilly wind and cool temperatures can make you want to pull you pull your jacket closer around you and stay home. Winter is also the season of dry itchy skin. However, this is true not just for humans. Your favourite canine companions, unlike you, cannot cover themselves in moisturizer and feel better. Grooming your dogs accordingly throughout winter can help them live through it better.

So here are a few tips for dog grooming in winter-

Limit the number of baths

Regular bathing and shampooing can strip the natural oils from your dog’s skin and ur, leaving their skin dry and stretchy. So, even if you want to bath your dog during the winter, it’s better to just stick to a simple water bath. Gently pat him dry with a towel if possible as blow drying the fur can make the skin dry out even faster.

Use special shampoos

Even if you want to use shampoo your dogs use specially formulated moisturising shampoos, which will reduce the skin from drying out. Ask your vet or dog grooming specialists to give recommendations.

Humidify the living space

Adding a humidifier to your home, specifically to the room where your dog usually hangs out can help him get a break from drying skin.

Brush out the fur

The first rule of dog grooming is to brush their fur regularly. This improves the blood flow into the skin, which keeps the skin and fur healthy. The clean fur also helps your dog stay warm during the winter seasons.

Some extra clothing

Not all breeds of dogs have thick fur that keeps them warm during winter. There are dogs with shorter hair, who needs better protection in the chilly weather. A dog coat can help keep them a bit warmer and keep their skin from drying out completely.

Fatty Acid Supplements

Just like for us humans, fatty acids are really helpful for your pet dogs too. The fatty acids help dogs produce enough skin oil that keeps their skin and fur moisturized. Find dog supplements with high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as they specifically help to keep the skin healthy.

Special care for older dogs

All through winter is harsh on most dogs, older dogs can find it the hardest. Their skin produces the oils at a slower rate, which means that they need more help keeping the dryness away. Keep an eye on your older friends as they are at higher risks of itchy flaky skin. Dog grooming must be done routinely to help them stay healthy.

Oatmeal bath for your pooch

If your dog is suffering from too much of skin dryness, try giving an oatmeal bath. Similar to us humans, oatmeal can naturally soothe their skin. Blend or grind oatmeal and mix them with water. Pour the water over your dog for about 15 minute, which helps their skin soak in the goodness of oats.

So here are some useful tips to keep your dog survive the cold without itchy and flaky dry skin. For professionally grooming your dogs, contact your mobile pet groomers home today!

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