Why is it a good idea for your dog to be groomed professionally?

Why is it a good idea for your dog to be groomed professionally?

Most dog owners prefer to groom their dogs on their own. However, it is a good idea to get your pooch taken care of by dog groomers in Dubai. Professional groomers are trained to care for your dog with a lot of patience and care, which you might lack at some point. Dogs, especially the fluffy one, or a problem pooch needs special grooming care and attention for staying clean.

Usually, a professional groomer combs out the fur before a bath, to take out all the mats, making it easier to shampoo your pooch. They lather and clean the dogs with care, giving special attention to the ears and eyes.

These trained dog groomers in Dubai check for ear infections or a pest infestation and provide medical care for the same during their grooming session. They dry your dog and trim his fur if needed, clip his nails and the bottom of the feet. Groomers also look into your dog’s oral health and brush their teeth with a dog-specific toothpaste.

Having your dog taken care of by professional dog groomers in Dubai comes with perks. Take a look at some of them –

Time Saver

One of the best perks of professionally grooming your pooch is the time it saves for you. Your mobile pet grooming service can come to your doorstep to collect your doggie for his grooming session whenever needed. The do a complete cleanup of your pet thus saving you a lot of time as well as making your personal grooming sessions with him much easier to manage.

Dog Whisperers

Not all dogs are easy to handle. Some dogs become cranky and aggressive as they grow old, which might need them to be sedated while grooming. Some tiny pups can get very anxious and scared of a bath unless treated with much care and concern. With professional dog groomers in Dubai, you needn’t worry about potential mishaps as they are trained for handling the pooches very well.


Grooming Tools

Professional groomers use specialized tools on your pooch, which give better results on them. They use dog- specific shampoos, toothpaste, scissors, clippers and everything in between, specifically designed for your four-legged friend. Dogs need special care if they have skin allergies, ticks and fleas and any sort of skin irritation, which needs proper care while grooming so that they recover from the situation.


The Icky Stuff

Professional dog groomers in Dubai are trained to deal with cleaning muddy or skunked pooches and in removing fleas and dicks from their body, which are not things that you’d prefer doing. These are some of the unpleasant things you have to take care unless you hire professionals for the same.


With professional groomers helping you out, all you have to do is brush your pooch’s coat once in a week between grooming appointments to help him shed better and reduce mat formation. So find your professional dog groomer in Dubai today and book your appointment.

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