Common Mistakes That Can Make Your Dog Hate Baths

Common Mistakes That Can Make Your Dog Hate Baths

Many pet parents are all too familiar with cranky pet babies who hate baths. The literally paw out in protest, squirm and wriggle the minute they set foot inside the bathroom and start shaking and panting on hearing the sound of running water. Although baths are an inevitable part of dog grooming, it’s just too hard to get pooches into a bathtub.

Most dogs are known to be good swimmers. So what makes them scared of taking a wash down? It’s probably because pet parents are no experts in dog grooming either and end up making mistakes. So here are a some of the commonly made mistakes in getting your doggie to bath and simple solutions to make it right the next time –

Water temperature

When you are trying to bath your pooch, make sure the water stays lukewarm throughout. Too hot or cold water creates a negative stimulus in him, which makes him hate bath time. Check the temperature of the water by spraying a little onto your forearm before hosing down your pet dog.

Spraying him clean

The easiest way to wash your pooch is by using a handheld showerhead or faucet nozzle. There is no need for filling the bathtub with lukewarm water as this can turn quite messy. However, when you are hosing him down, take care to hold your hand in front of the sprayer to keep the water from hitting him straight and with force. This can easily agitate your dog.

Dog grooming experts say that, when you are washing him, use your hands to pat him down, which helps in cleaning him without further fuss. Once he is all wet and at ease, you can move your hands away.

Go easy with shampooing

When shampooing your pooch, always go for a specialized one for dog skin rather than washing him with the same one you use. A pet’s skin has a different pH balance than that of human’s. There are medicated dog shampoos which are great for helping treat many skin conditions. Ask your vet or professional pet groomers which product is best suited for your pooch.


Soap and bubbles all the way

When you want to apply soap for your pet’s fur, let it soak in for a couple of minutes before actively massaging it into his fur. This way, you can remove all the dirt and oil from the fur and skin and wash it away with water. Take special care when washing his face. Use a cotton ball or washcloth to apply the soap on the face by avoiding the eyes.

Remember to wash the outside of his ears before rinsing him down. Angle down his head while rinsing to avoid the water going into his ear and causing ear infections. Also wash and off any dirt on his paws and between the nails.


If you regularly brush your pooch, then it is okay to brush him before and after the bath to keep away any matted hair. However, if your pooch has tangled fur in the first place, it’s always better to take him to a professional for a complete dog grooming session.

For hairy breeds like German shepherds and Labrador retrievers, you can brush while he is shampooed as this helps remove any of the excess undercoats.  But for all other breeds, brush them out only after they are completely dry.

Towel dry

Use a towel to dry your dog and try to get him dry as fast as possible. Do not use a dryer as it’s quite difficult to control its temperature. Also, a dryer might make your pooch’s skin too dry and flaky. Plus, chances are that your dog will be scared of the noise, which may put a damper on the end of an otherwise happy bath time experience.

Call your mobile pet groomers for a professional dog grooming session once in a while for your canine buddy to help him stay squeaky clean and happy!

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