8 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy and Shiny!

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy and Shiny!

Whatever the breed of your dog is, you always want your pup to look at its best. Not only for the sake of the aesthetics, but one of the things that you should focus on is keeping your pup’s coat smooth and shiny as it also affects their overall health and wellbeing. A healthy coat protects your pup’s internal parts and helps in maintaining a normal temperature for them as well. Check out the ways to make your pup a star with the healthy and shiny coat:

  1. Pay attention to what your dog’s eating.

What your dogs are eating can impact their coat as the coat also indicates whether your pet is healthy or not. Feeding them low-quality dog foods wouldn’t allow them to get a supply of proper nutrients. Low-fat diets may also lead to dry hair due to an omega-6 deficit. Always check the label of your dog food and see how much omega-6 is included.

  1. Keep your dog’s food fresh.

Avoid keeping your dog’s food in open for a long period of time as the fatty acids in the food becomes prone to oxidation when exposed to air.

  1. Include essential fatty acids to your pup’s diet.

Omega-6 fatty acids are good for your dog’s coat. Additionally, flaxseed oil and fish oil supplements can also make your pup’s coat looking healthy and beautiful. However, make sure to only give in moderate to prevent digestive issues.

  1. Follow a bathing schedule.

A bathing routine must be followed depending on your pup’s breed and specific needs. There are dogs that can only be bathed once in a month while there are dogs that need weekly baths. It depends on the type of skin and coat your dog has.

  1. Try using aloe vera or oatmeal shampoos.

Shampoos with aloe vera or oatmeal in them serve as good option to growing healthy coat. You can also explore more hypoallergenic options that are made for specific skin and fur types.

  1. Regularly brush your pup’s hair.

Most pups shed daily so you’ll have to regularly brush their hair regardless of the length. Maintain your pup’s coat and undercoat to keep it clean.

  1. Use herbal remedies.

When it comes to natural herbal remedies, you should look into Horsetail and Spirulina that both support in maintenance of healthy skin for your pup. Horsetail contains silica while Spirulina contains B vitamins and carotenoids that are contribute to a healthy skin, bones, and fur. If you’re considering these herbal remedies, always remember to check with your vet regarding dosage.

  1. Consult with a professional.

When it comes to keeping your pup’s coat healthy, shiny, and beautiful, it’s important to consult with the professionals. Visiting the vet is already a given, but the experts that you also must consult with is a professional pet grooming company. They are the experts when it comes to grooming your dogs, after all. Make sure to choose trustworthy and dependable groomers for dog grooming. That way, you know how to make and keep your pup a pupstar with healthy and shiny coat!

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