Tips To Be A Good Cat Person -The Mewing diaries

Tips To Be A Good Cat Person -The Mewing diaries

Do you like petting cats? Do you coo and baby talk to kittens?  The signs tell that you are a cat person! But are you a good one at that? Cats are one of the most preferred household pets people have. But just like having any pet at home, taking care of a cat is a big responsibility. If you are thinking of having your own pet cat, here are a few tips to help you through-


A space for your furball

Your cat must have her own clean and dry place to rest and sleep. Consider lining your cat’s bed with soft blankets or towels. Wash the bedding often to avoid parasites and bad smell away from your home.


Household cats must be kept indoors all the time, unlike outdoor cats. Outdoor cats risk many traumas like fights with other cats, raccoons, and stray dogs. They are also more prone to catching diseases.


If you do allow your cat outdoors, make sure that she wears a safety collar with a name tag or chip implant. This will ensure that even if your cat gets lost, she can be tracked back.


Feeding the feline

Cats require an essential amino acid named taurine for maintaining a healthy heart and eye. Any high-quality, brand-named kitten or cat foods will contain the nutrient in enough quantities. You can also ask your vet for a specific diet for your cat in case your cat has aged, has less activity or health issues.


Provide clean water all day and clean and refill your cat’s water bowls daily. Treats like catnip is good for training kittens and cats but it should never go beyond 5-10% of their diet.


Training for Litter Box

Indoor cats must have a litter box placed at an accessible location. Cats are normally clean freaks and very good self-groomers and don’t like a messy and smelly litter box.


So make sure to dispose of all the solid waste in the litter box at least once a day. While cleaning the litter box with mild detergent and refill at least once a week.


Handling your Kitty cat

When picking up your cat, never catch it by the scruff of the neck or by front legs as this can injure her. The right way of handling your cat involves placing a hand behind the front legs and another under the hind side to lift gently.


The itch to scratch

Catches need to scratch on rough surfaces regularly. The cats pull out their claws for scratching and can likely harm yourself and your furniture when she does that.


It is a good idea to get a strong and sturdy scratching post covered with a rough material for your pet to scratch.


Groom your cat regularly

Although most cats are relatively clean and rarely need a bath, combing them regularly will help them shed their fur and keep their coat clean and reduce hairball incidents. Long furred cats need fur trimming to keep their coat clean and healthy.


Their nails must also be trimmed so that they are relatively blunt and doesn’t cause you or your furniture any harm. As it is a very time-consuming task that needs to be done kindly, it is best to avail the help of a professional cat groomer to help keep your pet perfectly groomed.


Be a better cat person by making you about abode kitty friendly. For your pet’s grooming needs, you have mobile pet groomers in Dubai at your service.


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