Grooming Your Cats And Kittens: What To Expect During A Session

Grooming Your Cats And Kittens: What To Expect During A Session

Self-grooming is a trademark for cats. They can be seen licking their coats clean for hours at a time while their barbed tongue helps them pull out loose hairs on their coat. Cats moisten their front paws with saliva and use them to clean difficult places to reach. They sharpen their claws using their back teeth and remove fleas and ticks with their front ones. After all this, why would you ever need to send your cat for a professional grooming session? 

It’s Bath Time

Although cats spend the majority of their day cleaning their coats and are able to remove a good portion of fleas and ticks, certain allergens can remain and continue to irritate the skin. Since cats are not big fans of water, however, many owners are wary of giving them baths themselves. Groomers have the know-how and professional equipment necessary, including medicated shampoo, to give your cat a bath safely and quickly.

Mani-Pedi Session

Cats use their nails to play, hunt, climb and even defend themselves with. With the nails working overtime, it’s only natural for them to collect large amounts of dirt and be prone to infection if they aren’t thoroughly cleaned. They can also grow quite long if not trimmed regularly, causing injury to others and begin to curl into themselves causing pain for themselves. During a grooming session, the paws will first be wiped clean and then soaked in water after which a groomer will use a special brush to scrub them. The last part will involve trimming the nails to return them to a manageable length.

Hair, Hair

It can be safely said that no animal likes to be around a pair of scissors. However, cat coats can grow quite long in length and most owners would prefer to cut down on the amount of fur they find on their clothes and other belongings around the house. In this case, a trim to long-haired pets every few months can be a godsend. In this session, groomers can also provide a thorough brushing to tackle matted fur and knots in difficult to reach places like the back of their legs and near their pads.

Pearly Whites

A healthy set of teeth is essential for all animals, cats included, to carry out their dining tasks. Now, this doesn’t involve cats brushing and flossing their teeth daily, but they need dental care every so often to jeer their teeth and gums healthy. Some professional groomers offer teeth brushing service which will not only prevent plaque buildup in your cat’s teeth but also make its breath smell minty fresh. 

Take Care of the Ear

Cats may be incessant groomers, but even they have a hard time reaching the inside of their ears. Professional grooming companies can take a look at your cat’s inner and outer ears and remove any excess wax, dirt or debris by using an ear solution and massaging the necessary area. If, however, they come across any signs of irritation, redness, discharge of any kind or ear mite infestations, they will recommend you to take your cat for a veterinarian visit.

Even though most cats and kittens spend approximately 50 percent of their waking time licking and cleaning themselves, there is still room for proper hygiene maintenance. Professional groomers are able to get up close and personal with your pets and deliver a range of services such as nail trimming, coat glossing, ear cleaning and teeth brushing in a friendly and efficient manner.

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