5 Ways to Protect Your Cat from Common Household Risks

5 Ways to Protect Your Cat from Common Household Risks

If you are a cat person and owns one, you would have already noticed that they are curious little things. Cats tend to roam around, paw at things that interest them and play with anything that catches their fancy. Having them around can be quite delightful. With proper diet and professional cat grooming, your pet is sure to stay healthy.

However, there are hidden dangers inside your home, which could prove otherwise. Here is a list of 5 things that could prove potentially dangerous for your pet cat.

Household plants

There are some household plants which could prove dangerous for your cat. Some of the plants that could poison your pet are aloe vera, lilies and eucalyptus. Cats who nibble on plants are known to have contracted heart and kidney failure due to poisoning.

Other household plants seen around the house during the winter holidays, like the mistletoe and poinsettias are also known to cause stomach issues and liver damage. Check with your local gardening centre to identify the plants that are toxic for your cats and avoid having them in and around your home.

Cleaning materials

Keep all your cleaning liquids away in closed cabinets with childproof latches so that your cat cannot reach them. These include dish and laundry detergents, bleach and disinfectants. These household cleaning items can irritate your cat’s digestive system and in extreme cases can severely burn the linings of the mouth and stomach.

Electrical Cords

Electrical cords that lie around the home are dangerous to your pets just as they are for your kids. Cats have sharp teeth and can chew through most insulation on electric cords. If they manage to do that, it can cause an electric shock or severely burn your cat’s mouth in the process. An electric shock can damage your cat’s heart and lungs and would require immediate medical care. So, to stay on the safer side, hide and cover all the electric cords in your home with plastic cord protectors and spray it with a non-toxic spray that is unpleasant tasting for your pet cat.

The wrong food items

Not all kinds of food are cat-friendly. Certain human foods like onion, raisins or garlic can prove toxic for your pet cat. If you feed your cat from leftovers at the table, it can cause severe health issues in her. Most of the food we eat is full of fat and sugar, which are not easily digested by cats and overwork their pancreas leading to a pancreatic inflammation. Never feed your pet cat chocolates and sugary stuff as it can cause nervousness and vomiting.

Strings and plastic bags

Cats love playing with strings of different types like a shoelace, blind chords, hair ribbons and yarn. Although it may seem cute at first, it can be hazardous for them if they wind themselves up in a longer string and strangulate themselves. Similarly, cats love crawling into bags and boxes. Plastic bags, however, can pose the risk of suffocation if you leave them unattended.

So, that’s some of the possible dangers that lurk around your home for your pet cats. Keeping a pet cat may be fun but it needs a lot of work. While you make your place a perfect home for your pets, call your mobile pet groomers in Dubai for a complete cat grooming session for your pet.


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