Make Home For Your Pet Bird

Make Home For Your Pet Bird

Do you like pet birds? Are you a person who goes to petting zoos to spend some time with quirky and intelligent parakeets? So, if you are a bird lover looking to bring home one as your own, it’s time to take notes on how to keep your home bird-friendly for your feathered friend.

From finding the right cage to bird grooming tips, here are a few things to remember before you bring your birdie home.


Perfect fitting cage

Before buying a cage for your pet bird, remember that different birds thrive in different conditions. By placing a bird in a cage too small, you are putting undue pressure and trauma on your pet. If you own a bigger bird like a parakeet, a tall cage with space between bars and broader perches is necessary for him to feel at home.

On the other hand, for smaller birds, you can choose a smaller cage with closely spaced bars and smaller perches. Causing any sort of trauma for your bird leaves him susceptible to any all kind of avian illness. As long as your pet bird lives in a correctly sized cage, he will remain happy and healthy for long.


Placing the cage

Finding the right spot for your birdcage is just as important as finding the right cage. Your pet bird needs to feel part of the family and placing him where much of the family’s activities and conversations take place can help with the bonding. Pet birds are simulated emotionally with constant human interaction and will likely start returning the love and attention.

So make sure that the cage is placed in your living room where most of your family time takes place. It is also recommended that you arrange a bird play area outside the cage where he can safely come out and play around during his play time.


Keep away from household dangers

Your pet birds need as much attention as your child when it comes keeping him away from dangers lurking in your home. Never place your bird in your kitchen or allow him to fly through the room as there are many sharp objects in there that could physically injure him.

Give your birds soft toys that are in excellent conditions and safe for him to play with. Take special care to cover all wires and electrical outlets so that your pet bird will not find it a curious thing to play with and get electrocuted.


Cleaning Home, Clean Cage

When you have a pet, it is usually double the task for you to keep your home clean. Make sure that the birdcage is cleaned on a regular basis just like you clean your home. Change the cage papers and keep the water bowl always filled.


Air Purifiers for bird rooms

Bird’s respiratory systems very much efficient than that of humans and their air passages can be quickly clogged with a large amount of particles that they generate. As they breathe in and breathe out, these particles can come out and circulate within the rooms causing airborne bacterias and viruses to breed in the household with birds.

As a bird owner, you must install air purifiers in your rooms to avoid catching airborne infections spread through these particles.


Bird Grooming

Most pet birds need to be regularly groomed for keeping them healthy in a household environment. Bird grooming normally involves beak trimming, feather trimming, and nail trimming. Washing your pet is also necessary to keep him clean and help with his preening.

If your hectic schedule doesn’t give you enough time to tend to your feathered friend, you can always avail the services of mobile pet groomers in Dubai.


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