Flying With Colours: Pet Bird Grooming

Flying With Colours: Pet Bird Grooming

While birds are also common household pets, they do not receive the same kind of attention as what dogs or cats get in terms of personal grooming.

Having a bird as a pet could be highly beneficial to you as they are very intelligent. There are many benefits to having a bird as a pet. One is that they have long lifespans and they provide lifelong companionship that is not possible with other pets.

Recent studies have also shown that having a bird as a pet could encourage social interaction that is beneficial to your mental health. It’s good to interact with the birds themselves, specifically when talking to a parrot.

For birds to become healthy, they would require a lot of personal attention and interaction with you. Just like any other types of pets, birds also have the innate need to be taken care of. As your stress is taken away whenever you interact with your pet bird, the wellbeing of your pet bird also deserves to be given attention to.

There are many reasons to groom your pet bird, which are concerns for their health, safety, and well-being. Bird’s nails tend to become overgrown or sharp so they can get caught on the corner of the cage or something which could risk their safety. For instance, if your bird’s nails got stuck in a door, it might get injured.

Nail trimming is something that’s important for all types of pets. We ourselves might also get injured if their nails are too long. However, it’s also important not to over trim the nails, or else they’ll have a problem with gripping, especially among birds.  

While grooming for your pet bird, it is typically done by two people: One person who holds the bird while the other performs the grooming.

To reduce stress on your pet bird, the grooming process should be done as fast as possible. Grooming could be greatly stressful on birds especially if it will be their first time.

For some owners, they choose to trim their pet birds’ wing feathers, so they are easily manageable. Another part of pet grooming among birds is the trimming of the beak. The beak is an important part of a bird as it is used in drinking and eating. An overgrown beak in certain bird species is often a symptom of a nutritional deficiency or other medical problem, so it is best to consult a professional when opting for beak trimming.

Lastly, bathing is also important for your pet bird. The feathers and skin must be healthy. Living in Dubai where the weather is often humid, it’s important to bathe your pet birds to keep their feathers from becoming unkempt. It is recommended that your pet bird takes a bath at least once a week.

Birds carry a lot of contagious diseases. Maintaining good hygiene among your pet bird will prevent your pet from catching those diseases, and at the same time, you protect yourself from the possible risks. Birds can a little be hard to control especially whenever they are taken out of their cages, so it’s important that they are enclosed in a space where they can’t fly away.

We have vast expertise in handling birds of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, and can, therefore, guarantee the safety and comfort of your pet. Our mobile pet grooming in Dubai also caters to mobile bird grooming, which can help you at your convenience.

Contact us to avail our professional pet bird grooming services.

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