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Grooming plays a vital part in your dog’s overall health and well-being. It helps contribute to both their mental and physical vitality, and with a little bit of care, you can make a big difference.

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Dog grooming

If you have a dog, or thinking of welcoming a pet dog into your life, you must know about grooming and bathing care.Keeping your dog’s coat in pristine condition is important for his or her health.

Regular grooming not only helps keep your dog’s coat clean, but it also reduces the risks of skin irritations, keeping your pet and your home clean as well.

The benefits of bathing can include cleaning the skin and coat which helps to remove loose hair, scale, and debris and improve the hair coat’s shine. For dogs with specific skin conditions, bathing may be part of their medical treatment plan as recommended by their vet.

So, how often should a dog be groomed?

Depending on your dog breed and the length of his fur, regular grooming is usually recommended at least every three weeks as a general rule.

Dogs fur type:

Smooth Coat

Dogs with smooth coats they should still be bathed and brushed regularly. Some examples of smooth-coated dogs are the Bull Terrier and the Daschund Recommended once every 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

Double Coat

A dog with a double coat needs slightly more TLC than a smooth coat. Double-coated pooches may have long or short hair. Some examples of double-coated dogs include the Chow-Chow, Rottweiler, and Border Collie.

This type of coats develops mats and it is best to take him or her to a professional groomer to remove them safely and properly.These breeds must be groomed every three weeks for bath & brush and at least every two months full grooming to avoid matting.

Dogs with wire coats are far more susceptible to mats and tangles. Terriers are the most popular breed for wire coats. Every three weeks bath & brush required and every second-month full grooming.

Long Coat

Dogs with long coats tend to need consistent grooming routines to keep them healthy and free from mats. Some of the long-coat breeds include Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzu and Maltese.

There are also two different types of long coats: silky and coarse.

  • Silky. A silky long coat is a single coat that grows continuously and requires more frequent trimming. A very close cut can last as long as two to three months.
  • Coarse. A coarse, long coat is slightly less prone to matting and can go around two months between grooming sessions.

Curly Coat

Curly coats are the most likely to mat. The Bichon Frise and the Poodle are two examples of curly-coated pups, recommended daily brushing at home and regular professional grooming bath brush every three weeks and full grooming every 8 weeks.

Dog grooming is a passion for us and we promise to
treat your dog with love and respect at all times.





Dog Ticks & Fleas Shampoo
Price: AED 300 (Small Dog)Price: AED 380 (Medium Dog)Price: AED 400 (Large Dog)
  • Shampoo
  • Sanitary trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Facial wipes
  • Nail grinding
AED 300 (Small Dog) AED 350 (Medium Dog) AED 420 (Large Dog)
  • Fungal & Ringworm Treatment

  • Teeth Brush :
    53 AED
  • Organic Shampoo :
    53 AED

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Celine R. I absolutely love what Miss Meow did with my pup. Ted had the most amazing time. I could tell that he loved the whole spa treatment.The guys did a great job with his fur. Love it!

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Sammy M. My little fluff ball bubbles generally doesn’t go to strangers. But for some reason she loved the whole team at Miss Meow. She loves it.She looks gorgeous now!

Anna B. Pete was so scruffy with his hair all over the place. We called Miss Meow and they came home to give him a haircut and full grooming. I’ve never seen him happier before! x