Selecting The Right Groomer For Your Pet

Selecting The Right Groomer For Your Pet

For any pet owner one of the hardest things to do is to get your pet into a bath tub or give them a good brush down. You want your pet to be clean and healthy, but you find grooming on your own rather stressful. An experienced pet groomer in Dubai will not only groom your dog and cat but will also look for signs of illnesses and disease which will help detect any serious health condition that can even save your pet’s life.


Many pet owners attempt to groom their own pet. While you can do it yourself, you also increase the risk of injuring your pet because you are not a trained groomer. Grooming requires patience, the ability to use the proper equipment and the skill to handle the animal. Groomers know how to groom without stressing or harming your pet.


Like finding the right hairdresser for yourself can be difficult, so is finding the best groomer for your pet. It is not like you open the Yellow Pages and tick the name right on top. There are some groomers who may not compliment your pet at all. Here are some useful tips to consider before making a grooming appointment for your pet.


The pet groomer in Dubai should be well educated on how to groom your pet. They should be able to answer questions related to grooming, for instance, on how often your pet should be bathed and offer advice on shedding and nail trimming. 


Ideally, groomers are required to be certified by law, however, it is not a pre-requisite. When you know your groomer in Dubai is qualified and a professional in pet grooming you will feel more confident to hand over your pet for a grooming session.


If you have an anxious pet, your pet groomer should be able to sooth your dog through positive reinforcement. Some grooming salons offer multiple groomers for a session, while others provide a single groomer. For an anxious animal, a single groomer may be desirable. In addition, a mobile grooming service in Dubai will be an effective option for a dog riddled with anxiety as they may not want to leave their familiar surroundings. 


Ask your groomer to come in for an initial session so that you can observe their grooming techniques. You can determine if this particular groomer is right for your pet in how they handle and talk to your pet throughout the grooming session.

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