Pet Grooming For Your Fur Babies

Pet Grooming For Your Fur Babies

Everyone needs extra care and your fur babies are no exception.

Everyone knows how they feel like giving themselves a treat when they spend a day in a spa? We often feel stressed from our hectic schedule at work, so we take a break by allowing ourselves to relax under the gentle care of professionals. May it just be for relaxation or aesthetic purposes, we love the refreshing feeling we get out of pampering ourselves.

What if your dogs and cats feel the same way?

The weather in Dubai can be harsh to your pets because unlike us, they can’t just ‘take off’ their furs if they’re feeling hot and sweaty. The heat also contributes to various conditions that our pet may get in contact with and worse is that some of these conditions spread too quick that it goes beyond our control. Fleas also thrive in these conditions and may find shelter on your pets’ furry coats.

Due to poor maintenance of your pet’s coat, their fur could start to fall out. As pet owners, we are accountable and responsible to the well-being of our pets, treating them like a child of our own. As pet owners, we want to give our pets the best because we know they deserve it with all the love we get from them.

With the intense heat in the city, you’ll need to consider pet grooming in Dubai for your fur babies.

You might think that it’s more practical for you to perform pet grooming by yourselves at the comfort of your home, but pet grooming is a more difficult task than it seems. Just like how we get ourselves pampered by the experts to get the best presentation and painless treatment, managing pet grooming works the same way as well. There are certain grooming patterns and procedures that should be done to meet the specific needs of your pets.

Dog grooming and cat grooming are two of the most sought-after services when going for a pet grooming in Dubai. For each fur baby, there are custom-designed packages for specific pets that are aimed at tending to their fur that need constant maintenance.

However, you may think that it’ll be a huge hassle to bring them to the pet grooming salon. Most of our pets, when placed in a moving vehicle, get extremely frightened and confused. Driving your pets to the pet grooming salon in Dubai can also be challenging as you’ll need to look for ways on how to calm your pets during the ride.

There’s a way to avoid this hassle: you could always opt for a mobile grooming service.

Pet grooming in Dubai at the comforts of your home.  Our well-trained staff will take your pet with care and love, while ensuring 100% comfort and ease for your fur babies. If this will be the first time for your pet to undergo grooming procedure, our team will be more than happy to handle them with more patience and get your fur babies in relaxation.

Our team of professionals offer a range of services, such as:

  •         trimming of nails
  •         ear cleaning
  •         fur cuts
  •         sanitary trim
  •         tail trimming
  •         haircut
  •         shaving and scissoring

Our team will be happy to accommodate each service according to your preferences. If you prefer having your pet washed and cleaned up by our professional groomers, we also provide this through our mobile service which performs a speedy cleanup job that is best for the pet owners with busy schedules.

For other pets such as rabbits and birds, our mobile pet grooming services can also be accomodated. Our pet grooming in Dubai has designated signature grooming services for each pet that are tailor-fit to their individual characteristics and needs.

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