Keeping Your Pet Clean And Refreshed

Keeping Your Pet Clean And Refreshed

The weather in Dubai is not the most comforting for pets with thick coats of fur. This is why pet grooming in Dubai is vital to make sure that your pet is comfortable, happy and cool at all times.

While most of you may constantly be thinking of pet grooming as something you could carry out by yourself at home, this is actually not a great idea. Not only is pet grooming, a procedure that needs to be performed by a professional, but it also requires a certain level of skill to keep up with clipping and grooming patterns when it comes to grooming different breeds of dogs or any other animal, as each animal has its own particular needs and patterns. Our mobile service makes it a possibility for any owner, even if you’re someone who is a pet owner for the first time, to enjoy these services without the hassle of travelling to a pet grooming salon or veterinary centre.

If the fur is not regularly maintained, your pet’s coat could get matted and knotty, paving way for fleas to start growing in the fur or worse, for the fur to fall out. These are very common conditions that many pets undergo, due to poor maintenance of their coats, thus it is always the responsibility of the owner to give your pet the best treatments possible. Contacting one of these conditions will only lead to stress and a lot of worry and intense hands on treatment procedures for weeks until the condition gets under control. The heat in Dubai, only contributes to such conditions spreading quickly, as insects such as fleas thrive in these weather conditions.

Our team of professionals are capable of providing you with a range of services, which go on from trimming of nails to ear cleaning to different fur cuts which include the sanitary trim, the tail trim, hair cut, shaving and scissoring. All these services serve a special purpose and you could request each service according to your preference and you can also get details as to how you can maintain your pet at home by yourself so that your pet will be refreshed and healthy at all times.  If you have a busy schedule and prefer having your pet washed and cleaned up by our groomers, this too is a service you could enjoy through our mobile service, which performs a speedy cleanup job, which is ideal for someone with time constraints.

So why not try it out?

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