Cats and Bunnies Groomed To Perfection

Cats and Bunnies Groomed To Perfection


Grooming dogs has become a very normal practice. However, cats and rabbits are given less attention and care when it comes to keeping their coats clean and well groomed as they are known to be natural cleaners of their own coats and in general have shorter coats.

Did you know that cats and rabbits too have necessities when it comes to their hygiene and overall comfort?


Cats are infamous for licking themselves clean, however they too are largely susceptible to contacting fleas or fur fallout. Their ears need tending and cleaning on a regular basis and their nails need to be trimmed regularly as cats have a tendency towards grabbing and scratching, which could even lead you to require medical attention if their nails go into your skin accidental.  Our team of mobile groomers have different services dedicated towards keeping your furry friend clean and groomed, and offer nail trimming services specifically designed to keep their nails short and risk free for you. The age of your cat is irrelevant as our team has experience grooming cats if all ages. It should also be noted that the older your cat is, the less corporative it is likely to be during the grooming period. However this is not going to be a problem for our groomers, as they will make your cat feel at home and help it enjoy its spa day!

Cat grooming in Dubai is also essential for you if you’re trying to minimize all the fallout on your clothes and furniture as cat fur tends to get on furniture rather easily, and it is a rather tiresome task to get it off clothes especially when you’re in a hurry or running late.


They are known to be quite sensitive animals, given their innocent nature.

However, you must simply not underestimate the need for these furry creatures to be groomed regularly. Special equipment is needed for their coats to be brushed and groomed and our professionals have plenty of experience dealing with bunnies as they’re quite delicate and a lot of patience is needed when they’re being cleaned and dematted. Soft bristled brushes are used when brushing rabbits and ear cleaning is also a vital procedure that you need to provide your pet rabbit with, as their ears are incredibly sensitive and they rely on their ears immensely to hear from all directions. Thus it is essential that their ears are at their optimum condition at all times.

Our mobile service has now made it convenient for those seeking grooming services to receive these services at their own homes, without the hassle of bringing your pets to veterinary centers or out of your home at all!

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