Top 5 Signs To Know Your Dog Is Happy

Top 5 Signs To Know Your Dog Is Happy

Something every dog owner wonders is if their pet is happy. As much as dogs are known to give owners unconditional love it doesn’t mean they are always happy. Do you imagine your dog to be happy? Or, would you really like to know?

It is important you learn about your pet. Yes your dog will give you all the love in the world but it is your responsibility to know what keeps them happy. This will help you avoid situations such as pet depression and even other unwanted problems that lead to sicknesses. The good news is it is not too hard t figure out what makes your dog happy, you just need to pay attention on certain body parts and their behaviour.

Look at the eyes

It is all in the eyes. This applies not just to dogs but humans as well. Animal Cruelty Prevention Societies have officially talked about the appearance of the dog’s eyes and how it changes shape when unhappy, and remains a normal shape when happy. Pay attention to your dog’s eyes and see if the shape has changed.

Does your pet appear relaxed?

While you may think you know everything there is to know about your dog, you can miss out on certain signs. If your dog is happy its body will be relaxed. Just because they run about it doesn’t mean their bodies should appear stiff, it does not work that way. Dogs too like humans will completely relax when happy and at ease. Look at your dog’s muscles? Is the weight evenly distributed? Does there seem to be some physical distress? This should point out that there is something wrong.

Dogs will play

Dogs don’t have to be happy to play. Even unhappy dogs will respond to playtime. If a dog loves you they will try to make you happy. When a dog is unhappy it will put its tail between the legs, whimper or bow down submissively. A happy dog, on the other hand, will wag its tail and look at you intensely, waiting to be called to play.

Dogs enjoy quiet time too

Dog owners should know that just because a dog is happy it doesn’t mean they always want to run about and play. They like their downtime, just as much as you do. A quiet dog with closed eyes is not always a sick or depressed dog. Do not attempt to cheer them up, this can lead to unhappiness. At the same time, not all dogs are the same. If a dog is always asleep it can mean something is wrong.

The food is tastes good

Generally, a happy dog is associated with eating well. Some dogs get unhappy when they are left alone during the day, and their owner is at work, and may not eat their food. In addition, a sick dog will certainly not eat which means it is time to call the Vet. A happy dog, on the other hand, will like to eat. While some dogs are picky and may not like to eat certain things, in general, dogs love to eat!

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