Puppy's First Time With A Dog Groomer

Puppy's First Time With A Dog Groomer

Puppies can start to see a groomer by the time they are 16 weeks. They are still trusting at this stage and will allow strangers to touch them. They will also adapt to foreign sensation or noise rather quickly. You can get your puppy ready at home before taking them to a dog groomer for their first grooming session. You can brush your puppy with a comb, massage their face and use a blow dryer with moderate heat to dry them. You can also get your puppy used to nail clippers. And of course have some small treats if they behave well during grooming.


It is also good to get your puppy used to standing quietly and calmly on a higher surface. This gets the puppy away from its territory and gets him used to a spot where regular grooming can take place. This will minimize any fear he feels when he meets his dog groomer in Dubai. You can speak special words to your puppy like up you go and here you go and so on to get them anticipated about the next move. Some puppies can get scared when they are suddenly lifted off the floor to a raised surface, getting them used to it beforehand is good for everyone involved.


You puppy should know not to bite during grooming. Hold him gently for a moment and once he settles down get back to it. Puppies are usually playful and will bite at anything, but he should be taught that biting is not allowed during grooming.


Grooming is not just about making your puppy look cute. It is also about maintaining good health. It is good to remember that puppies are all different and so their grooming needs will be different as well.


The first grooming session should be a short one. As your puppy gets used to a groomer in Dubai he will enjoy being handled more and more. You should also not restrain the puppy too much so as not to scare him. 


Give your puppy a bath to start off with. Use the right shampoo to lather the neck and work along the rest of the body. It is best to use a soft cloth so that soap doesn’t get into its eyes.


You can brush your puppy depending on its coat. A healthy coat will reduce shedding. Brushing is easy but be careful when brushing its tail and inner thighs.


It should take a few sessions with your dog groomer in Dubai for your puppy to become completely comfortable with the idea of grooming.  

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