Debunking Dog Grooming Myths

Debunking Dog Grooming Myths

You may think that you know everything there is about pet grooming, from bathing to brushing to how professional pet groomers work. While this may be true in most part, there are misconceptions on what dog grooming services are all about and what they can do for your pet. Here are some common myths about grooming that have been debunked.


Many people have allergic reactions around dogs and cats, this is a common thing. These allergies can prevent you from becoming a pet owner and it is an unfortunate situation to be in. The cause of most of these allergies is dander and it is not something that a pet owner can avoid. Caring for a hypoallergenic dog is not necessarily the answer. Poodles and Maltese are hypoallergenic dogs and will not shed too much dander. However, allergies differ from person to person. And if your allergies are severe even if it is a hypoallergenic breed you might not feel completely comfortable around your pet.


Some people think that the kind of bathing products you use do not matter, however, it is imperative that you use the right product on your pet. Just because it says gentle and soothing on the shampoo bottle it doesn’t automatically mean that it is the best product for your pet. Just as much as no two people will like the same shampoo, neither will your dog. Dogs too differ one from the other and what suits your neighbour’s dog may not agree with your dog. And above all, avoid using human shampoo as it is too acidic and can result in skin rash.


Summer months can be hot and hard particularly on young pups. A common grooming myth is that you need to shave your dog during the summer. This will help them stay cool and comfortable, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Shaving your dog can cause other health problems that you would have to deal with unnecessarily. And did you know that your dog’s coat can actually regulate temperature? So there is no need to shave it off.


Grooming is not meant for long-haired dogs and fancy looking pups. It is for all pets. Grooming your dog regularly, whatever the breed will make a difference to their overall health and life. Miss Meow Grooming is a professional pet grooming service and has worked with all types of breeds making them highly qualified to debunk the myth that it is reserved only for some dogs, and not others.


Bathing, brushing and caring for your dog is not something that only a few should enjoy, a pet grooming service in Dubai will make certain you have a happy and healthy pet.  


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