The Complete Dog Grooming Checklist

The Complete Dog Grooming Checklist

Dogs are man’s best friend. People often say that dogs especially share an unexplainable connection with humans. A dog could always light up a depressing day. The combination of the wet nose, sparkling eyes full of love, the ever friendly wagging tail and furry paws are heavenly for any dog lover. That is why pet grooming should be your number one choice because you only want the best for your best friend: your pet dog. However, dog grooming will be deemed successful only if you know about the complete dog grooming checklist. So here goes the complete grooming package your doggie deserves with a ribbon on the top.

A good brushing and a bath is the most relaxing way to get all that dust and dirt of the fur coat. Dead, loose hairs should be removed through regular and thorough brushing.  This is especially important for long-haired dogs, and when dogs shed seasonally. Brushing also aerates the fur and skin. A medicated shampoo treatment dog ticks and fleas would be the ideal for your dog suffering from any disease including fungal and ringworm diseases. If you are concerned about using organic shampoo for your dog to be extra careful with sensitive skin, that option too is available. The washing and brushing could also be complemented with ear cleaning and a very comfortable blow dry treat which your dog will absolutely love.

Once your dog is all healthy, clean and smelling wonderful, the next session would be to trim off the unnecessary. If your dog has very long fur, that invites dust particles, insects and things that may entangle and remain. Even brushing your dog may not help to get rid of what has got stuck in fur. A well-trimmed and groomed dog will cause other dogs and dog owners to envy its good looks! The trimming session includes a total package inclusive of nail trimming, paw trimming, sanitary trimming, and tail trimming.

To make the life of your dog the most comfortable, you also can opt for dematting and shaving. The term “dematting” simply means to rip the matts from the dog’s skin. Shaving a matted coat is a delicate and slow process requiring experience and expertise.  A dog’s skin is thin like tissue paper, and dense mats can cause it to become loose due to the weight of the matting.

Therefore now that you know what a complete dog grooming package entails, get your dog groomed today and witness the wide grin and a wagging tail!

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