Are You Ready For A Second Cat?

Are You Ready For A Second Cat?

Before bringing home a new pet you need to ask yourself, do you need a second one? Caring for one pet is certainly easier than two and the work is much less. Another pet means more patience, time, energy and expenses. Many pet owners who don’t have much time to spend at home think if there is another pet around, they will keep each other company. While this may work in some households, in others, two bored or misbehaving pets will end up being a lot of work for the busy pet owner.

If you have the patience and time to take on a second pet, then by all means you should do just that. For instance, if you are trying to bring home a second cat you have to assess the first cat. Cats are territorial and an indoor cat can become stressed out if it thinks it is losing its territory to another cat. Cats who have already been raised with other pets or are used to neighbourhood pets will be perfectly accepting of a second cat. Cats that are not used to anyone else may not be happy to socialize or accept a companion.

When looking for a second cat, unless it is a kitten you want, a cat that has lived with other pets as it will certainly make the situation easier. It is good to bring home a cat of a different age and gender. Fighting between two cats is more likely if they are of the same gender, this is especially true in the case of male cats. A resident cat may be happy to accept a kitten. Once you attend to your cats being spayed or neutered, the opposite sex may be the best option.

If you have a senior cat at home, avoid bringing a rambunctious playful cat. A more mellowed and laid back cat is better suited. Match personalities if possible, a couch potato cat, for instance, would do well with another couch potato.

Get a friend to bring the new cat home, preferably in a carrier. See what happens once the carrier is set down. It may be that the cats take to each other instantly, or they may get into a real cat fight. Although cats meeting for the first time may hiss and spit you don’t have to wonder if this is what you will need to deal with everyday. Over time, your cats can settle down and end up liking each other.
Let the newcomer become familiar in its surrounding. Provide food and water bowls, bedding, scratching post, toys and a litter box. Make your new cat feel secure and at home, this is important to building a relationship not just with your resident cat but also with you. Once your new cat becomes familiar you can let it spend time with your resident cat. Let both your cats adjust to each other’s scents and if you feel like they are beginning to like each other, you can even let them spend time alone.

Don’t force your cats to mingle, it will happen naturally. Also, don’t shower your new cat with affection in front of the resident cat; this will not go down well. Accept the new cat as part of the family and just be normal. If your new cat wants to hide for the first few days, let it. This is the way cats deal with stress. Avoid interfering too much, they will figure it out. Once your cats become friends, why not try a bit of cat grooming with professional cat groomers in Dubai.

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