Why You Should Consider A Professional Cat Groomer For Your Favourite Feline

Why You Should Consider A Professional Cat Groomer For Your Favourite Feline

Can cats groom themselves? Many people think so, even cat owners. This is not always true. Yes, cats are fastidious and spend a lot of time cleaning but a little help from cat groomers Dubai won’t hurt. Regular grooming keeps the coats healthy, prevents mats, detects fleas, reduces shedding and even makes it easier to keep a close check on their health. Every cat is different and may tolerate a certain level of grooming.
If your cat has not been groomed before, you can start slowly. You can brush its coat for a few minutes everyday and turn it into longer grooming sessions. It is important your feline feels calm and is cooperative. Do not choose to groom when it is not in a good mood. Once your cat gets used to grooming, you can call in professional cat groomers. They will gently comb the fur, untangling the large mats and even shave it off if necessary.

Your professional cat groomers in Dubai will brush well and remove any dead hair. A de-shedding tool may be used to remove the undercoat. Fleas and pests will be checked using a flea comb. These do not have to be done all in one session, you can always get your cat groomer to come in for regular grooming.

If it is a short-haired cat, brushing once a week is sufficient. Long-haired cats should be brushed every other day. Cats enjoy brushing, although there are some cats that are vehemently against it. Now cat groomers would know exactly how to get your cat to agree to regular brushing and grooming, they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

ats usually bathe themselves, but their coats can get oily. If your cat needs a good scrub and bath, cat groomers in Dubai will coax your cat to get into the bath and even enjoy it.

Clipping your cat’s nails is also part of grooming and if your cat is not used to having its nails cut, handle its feet regularly to get it used to the idea. It is also good if someone is holding your cat while another person is clipping the nails. Having professional help at hand is always useful.

Give your cat treats and praise after the grooming session so that they will look forward to the next one. It will also reinforce that grooming is a good thing.

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