Cats Need Grooming - Debunking The Myth

Cats Need Grooming - Debunking The Myth

Cats are good at grooming so oftentimes cat owners may not believe that their pet needs a professional groomer. But the truth is that all cats need grooming, although the frequency of grooming can be determined by you. 


People still believe the stereotype of cats, that they are afraid of water and so they don’t need baths and brushing. Cats will in fact benefit from bathing and brushing and it is helpful for them to maintain good health. Certain breeds of cats have thick and long coats and these breeds in particular will benefit from regular bathing and brushing. Brushing the coat will also untangle the mat and keep your cat in good health. 


What about short-haired cats? Some cat coats are not as likely to mat as others. Cats with silky fur have little undercoat so they don’t have too much entangled mat. However, it is not to say that short-haired cats do not need an occasional bath. Bathing will remove excess oil, dirt and dander. Your cat will look and smell great after a grooming session with your cat groomer in Dubai


It is good to remember that short hair doesn’t necessarily mean low maintenance. Some short-haired cats have dense coats and a tendency to shed excessively. These kinds of cats need to bathe regularly. Hairless cats too should not be exempt from bathing. Hairless cats if not bathed at least once a week may leave dirt on clothes and other fabrics in your home. 


Depending on your cat’s coat and skin you can have a professional cat groomer in Dubai bathe and groom your cat. It is good to get your cat used to grooming by the time it is six months so that they become comfortable with the idea and it makes it easy to continue to groom them as they get bigger. 


How long is the cat’s coat and is it prone to matting? These are some of the questions you should ponder on when deciding the frequency to brush your cat. Some cats may need to be brushed every day, others less frequently.  


As with bathing start brushing your kitten before it grows up and starts disliking the brush. The bristles should not be scratchy or too sharp. Start slowly and praise your cat throughout the session and don’t forget to give it treats once you are done.

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