The Ultimate Spa Day for Your Pet Bird

The Ultimate Spa Day for Your Pet Bird

We are often familiar with the concept of having dogs and cats groomed. Pet grooming in Dubai has grown to be one of the most vital practices amongst pet owners, equally important as getting the injections and other medical procedures done on time, as grooming ensures that your pet is clean, healthy and comfortable, given the heat in Dubai. While these pets are also the more common pets that we usually associate with and own, birds are quite lovable and exciting creatures to accommodate as well!

The most frequently found birds, in homes as pets are love birds. While their names are generally accompanied by a positive connotation, birds are one of the most hassle free creatures to rear as pets. They require a small area and are usually always kept caged. For those of you who live in condominiums where landlords often stress upon the no pet policy, they often don’t extend this rule to birds and fish as they don’t affect the overall hygiene of the apartment or require a lot of space. They also consume small amounts of food and you could alternate between fruits and standard bird food. Birds like parrots are fun-filled pets as you could train it to talk and perform other creative tricks.

Many of you may not really see birds as pets that need grooming. They don’t have fur that grows out and sheds constantly or have areas of their body such as ears that need regular cleaning. However, our professionals offer several services specifically designed at birds to ensure that you keep your feathered friends healthy and clean.

We offer nail trimming services to keep your pet clean and also to provide you the protection from being scratched or even wounded when the bird lands on your body. Birds heavily rely on their nails; therefore most birds would feel hesitant and even get aggressive during this process. This is why it is always advisable to seek professional help to get the nails trimmed as it would be a rather painful procedure for the bird and an inconvenient and harrowing one for you! Our team of groomers are also well experienced in handling birds with patience and care and will make it a painless and most importantly, quick experience for your pet. It is also essential that the nails are not cut too short because birds rely on their nails to grab food and eat more efficiently. When your pet’s nails are groomed by us, we ensure that their nails are done just right!

We also provide beak cleaning services. This is important as birds tend to develop excess keratin on their beaks and this will lead to several complications and inconveniences to them when they engage in eating and chirping. Bird washing is also another service that we provide, even though birds are more commonly known to be self-washing animals. Trimming their feathers is also another form of grooming that we extend to your pet, as sometimes, with the immense heat in Dubai, your bird may feel uncomfortable and excessively warm. Trimming its feathers will help it cope better, feel cool and comfortable.

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